Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

Our cold brews can be enjoyed hot or cold, straight or with some almond milk … but can also be used to create amazing desserts, smoothies and other treats.

We’ve included some recipes below – if you have a special one you would like to share, please email us at

18+ (and better than Red Bull!)


Frozen cold brew concentrate shavings tipped with almond milk, a shot of vodka and 50ml of cold brew concentrate.
Be warned … this wicked potion is addictive and not suited to whoever is driving.

With vodka

Non-alcholic mocktail


Grab a glass – add one part ginger beer and one part cold brew concentrate. Pour into a mason jar or shaker, close the lid and shake until it’s foamy.
Before serving, add a little ice!

With ginger beer

Anyone for dessert?


A great choice when you (or a guest) couldn’t possibly fit anything else in.

50ml of cold brew concentrate, a little whipped cream and some chocolate or coffee toppings for sprinkles. That’s it … enjoy!

With whipped cream



Kick start your day with 50ml cold brew concentrate, 200ml of almond milk and add a banana, before blending.

We’ve been told it’s delicious and perfect before a workout or busy day.

Kick Start Your Day